Morgan Buie  Gardner KS


High School Class

R / R

C 1B 3B

intelligent/wrk ethc

Commit Status
Still Looking

School Info

Gardner Edgerton High School
Gardner KS

Jersey: #13

GPA: 4.09


ACT: 28

Clearinghouse: N

College Interest

Morehead State University

University of North Dakota

Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

Weber State University

Missouri State University

Saint Louis University

University of Northern Colorado

Towson University

University of Northern Iowa

University of Evansville

Stream Activity
Blazers, Broncos split softball twin bill
8 years ago
First Softball Win of Season for Lady Blazers
8 years ago
Softball Double Victory over Blue Valley Northwest
8 years ago
Blazers softball sweeps BVNW
8 years ago
Paola split with Blazers on late rallies
8 years ago

Morgan Buie Fastpitch Softball Recruiting Profile