Raven King  Alpine UT


High School Class

R / R

P 1B 3B SS

Defense & Bat

Commit Status

Pitching Stats
Lone Peak HS Varsity 20083115374.0231
Lone Peak HS Varsity 20075335534.7255
LMGSA 12U 20053535352.8052
Twisters 18U (Guest) 200941900010
Lone Peak HS Varsity 2009109511441.9889
16U Twisters -guest 20094241.0700
Hitting Stats
Lone Peak HS Varsity 2008844206460
Lone Peak HS Varsity 2007622175448
Utah Twisters 200711463112385
LMGSA 12U 200515723817421
Pegasus 16U (guest) 200920033538
Twisters 18U (Guest) 200910052429
Lone Peak HS Varsity 2009432127409
Pegasus 18U 2009719226379
16U Twisters -guest 2009102122556
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School Info

Lone Peak
Highland UT

Jersey: #25

GPA: 3.95


ACT: 27

Clearinghouse: N

College Interest

Boise State University

California State University, Fullerton

California State University, Long Beach

Brigham Young University

Utah State University

Salt Lake Community College

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Ohio University

Florida State University

Raven King Fastpitch Softball Recruiting Profile