2008 Adidas Futures Regional Showcase - Elgin IL

Elgin IL

Wednesday, Jul 3, 2008

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3B SS, Class of 2010

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Adidas Futures Regional Showcase July 16, 2008 Elgin, IL. This event is offered to all recruitable fastpitch athletes aspiring to showcase her position specific skills. The event will attract area college coaches and futures scouts to view the athlete's ability.

There are two showcases:
- single position
- two position (for multi-position players)


The adidas Futures program was designed in 2006 to attract the nation's top 100 eligible unsigned fastpitch recruits. With the criteria established by the founders of Futures, it is our mission to bring those one hundred athletes together to compete. On a stage unmatched by any other showcase; the adidas Futures National Camp provides full viewing capability for college coaches and consistent playing time for athletes, marrying the desire of each and redefining college recruiting.

From around the country there are "diamond in the rough" players. It is our intention to launch one day regional showcase events around the country with the hope of finding those players. There, we introduce recruits to area college coaches through an on field display of their position specific skills. Each showcase is limited to 125 pre-registered, academically eligible athletes. This format provides both the athlete an opportunity to be seen, and the college coach an opportunity to evaluate a small number of athletes.

At each regional showcase and at the national showcase, athletes will perform in front of area college coaches with the hope of being selected as a recruit to one of their programs. Throughout the day each athlete will complete individually in skill sessions. Each regional showcase is a one day event, the national showcase is two days.

The adidas futures scouts will evaluate the talent at each regional event to select any standout athlete and give them an invitation to attend the St. George, Utah adidas Futures National Camp which is held annually in August.

Day one of the national showcase will mirror each regional showcase providing each athlete the opportunity to display their individual skills (pitching, base running, arm strength, offensive and/or defensive talents).

Day two is a series of games where those talents will be put to the test as they compete with the other top recruits.

In order to be selected as a "top 100 athlete," one of three criteria must be met:

* An athlete is seen as a stand out by one of the Futures scouts at a national tournament

* An athlete is seen as a stand out at an adidas Futures regional showcase event held around the nation.

* An athlete is listed by a college coach as a top recruit.

Don't miss your opportunity. Register now to secure your spot at one of the 2008 adidas Futures Regional Showcase Events.

If you would like to host an adidas Futures regional event please send an email to lisa@thepitchersmound.net

Or call 678-525-8962 if you have any questions.

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