2008 Canada Cup

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada AK

Jul 1-7, 2008 (Mon-Sun)

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4th Canada Cup 16 & Under Fastpitch Showcase Tournament

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
July 14 - 20, 2008

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Teams from the following countries have already been accepted for the 2008 Canada Cup Tournaments!



British Columbia






Chinese Taipei

New Mexico


Puerto Rico



ENTRY INFORMATION for Elite Level Girls Fastpitch Teams

On behalf of the Canada Cup Host Committee we are pleased to extend an invitation to your elite level team to apply to compete in the Canada Cup 16 & Under Fastpitch Showcase Tournament, July 14 - 20, 2008 in Surrey , British Columbia , Canada . This is a great opportunity for young athletes to develop their skills and showcase their talents by facing other elite level softball teams in international competition.

About the Canada Cup 16 & Under Fastpitch Showcase Tournament:

* 2008 is promising to be an outstanding year for the Canada Cup Showcase Tournament. Canada Cup has extended invitations to national and elite club teams from more than 25 of the top softball playing nations in the world!
* Canada Cup invites hundreds of college and university scouts to the 2008 Canada Cup. By participating in this tournament you will be providing your players with an excellent opportunity to be considered for scholarships that will impact and enhance their lives and profoundly affect their futures.
* All players and up to three coaches will be given full Canada Cup accreditation. This will give them complimentary access to all competition venues and the opportunity to be awed and inspired by the best athletes in the sport as they watch the Canada Cup International Women's Fastpitch Tournament.
* Canada Cup Showcase teams will be invited to participate in the official Canada Cup Opening Ceremonies, along with all Canada Cup International Women's teams.

About The Canada Cup International Women’s Fastpitch Tournament:

* Established in 1993, the Canada Cup International Women's Fastpitch Tournament was created to assist in the development of high caliber Canadian fastpitch athletes through world-class competition, therefore providing the Canadian National Softball team a better chance to compete for a berth in the 1996 Olympic Games.
* Over the years Canada Cup has hosted top international softball teams from around the world including the USA, Australia, Japan, China, Canada, New Zealand, Chinese Taipei, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Denmark and more.
* The 14th Canada Cup International Women’s Fastpitch Tournament featured some of the most intense, “edge of your seat” moments in Canada Cup history.
* The 3rd Canada Cup 16 & Under Fastpitch Showcase Tournament was comprised of many elite level teams who displayed exceptional talent as they fought to make it to the final Championship game. Both the Vancouver Wildcats and the Quebec Action Multi Sport exhibited tremendous skills and teamwork as they battled for the Championship trophy. The Wildcats were victorious and came out on top with an 11-4 win over the Quebec Action Multi Sport.
* The Canada Cup is regarded as one of the premier women's international softball competitions in the world and a sure fan favorite with annual average gate attendance of over 100,000 for the nine-day tournament.

Why compete at the Canada Cup 16 & Under Fastpitch Showcase Tournament?

* Elite USA and Canadian club teams, as well as top international teams will be amongst those likely to compete.
* Host venues located within a 2-hour drive from SeaTac Airport in Seattle, Washington and 10 minutes from the USA/Canada border.
* No passports or visas required when driving through the USA/Canada border.
* The opportunity to share the field during the Canada Cup Opening Ceremonies, and the competition venues throughout the week, with members of National teams from around the world.
* All players and up to three coaches will receive free daily entry passes to watch the Canada Cup International Women's Fastpitch Tournament .
* Hundreds of college and university coaches/scouts invited.

Guidelines to be part of the Canada Cup 16 & Under Fastpitch Showcase Tournament:

* All players competing in the 2008 Canada Cup Showcase Tournament must be born in 1991 or more recently.
* Elite level teams only.
* Entry fee will be $750 CAD/USD.
* The Executive members of the Canada Cup Host Committee will make the final decision on who will compete in the Canada Cup Showcase Tournament.
* PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED within 15 days of application. All payments will be processed, teams not selected to participate will receive a full refund of entry fee.
* Once a team is accepted, no refunds will be issued after February 28, 2008.

Already Accepting Teams For 2008!
Don't Be Disappointed…Get Your Application In Early!

2008 Canada Cup Showcase Application Form

**Please make checks payable to: Canada Cup

Cheques may be mailed to the following address:

Canada Cup
Suite #215 - 17637 1st Avenue
Surrey, BC Canada V3S 9S1

Email: showcase@canadacup.com
Contact us by phone at 604-536-9287 or fax at 604-536-1950.

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