AAA State Champions in Softball Spring 2016

On May 24, 2016 my high school team, Hartsville Red Foxes won AAA State Championship in softball. It is a feeling that I can not even put into words. As a softball player I have individual goals but also play for my team.....when we lose we lose together and when we win we win together. We ended up losing in one of our lower state district games but we came together as a team and did not let that get us down and went on to win lower state. We went into that first game of state and won! So as we were headed into that second game we had to travel to play on Unions turf. We did not fair to well but again we game together as a team did not let that hurt us and we game back to win that third game be won! I am now one of an elite that group of people that can say they were part of the Hartsville Red Foxes softball team to win State! Very proud of our season and looking forward to a summer of showcase softball