Help Bailey find her prized bat

Another airline snafu! This time, it cost Bailey Terry her prized bat, and she needs your help to find it. Bailey plays third base for Texas Wesleyan University and was headed to Europe for a 10-day softball tour in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. In all, she would be playing 10-games in six different cities.

"Me and my dad designed it together. It had my name; my number, which I wear to honor my brother who passed away; and it had a cross at the top so that God was always with me when I played ball. I guess it had more sentimental value than anything."

Somewhere in Dallas or Boston

Terry said she checked the bat along with her bag when she left Dallas Fort Worth with a layover in Orlando. She was able to retrieve the rest of her luggage in Boston on Thursday night, but the bat was missing.

Spirit Airlines did not immediately return messages, but the lost bag policy on their website stated that, "If your bag is not located and returned within five (5) days, a claim must be filed with the Luggage Resolution Department."

"I was very upset just by the fact that they didn't seem to care and were very rude to us," said Terry, who flew to Europe on Friday on American Airlines. "That made me more upset then losing the bat."