Moving Teams for summer 2016....New Team Impact Gold 18U - Navy

After long conversations with Coach Jazz Jackson we all decided that I needed to move teams for the summer. The Impact Gold 18U - Navy team has been looking for another pitcher. Coach Jackson feels that I will have an opportunity to get more reps on the field and will be a good fit for the team. I was a little nervous about changing team because I really like working with Coach Jackson and I have become very close with the girls on my 16u team. The most important factor is that I will get more time to pitch and better my skills.

I had my first practice with the IG 18U Navy and Coach Maleeya Coleman tonight and I think everything will be good. I really liked Coach Coleman's style and like that she was a pitcher herself. I know she will be able to help me to be a more confident pitcher in the circle and take my pitching to the next level. I think I am going to have a great summer with this team.