Vintage Spotlight Athlete - Ashlee Sills

Sophomore Ashlee Sills, in just her second year at Vintage, has become one of the leaders and star players on our young and talented softball team. Ashlee began playing softball when she was eight and followed her sister onto the roster of a Napa Junior Girls team. “I was hooked. A year later I began to play travel ball on the local team. I am now on the 18U Gold Sorcerer softball team.” Ashlee credits her parents for their phenomenal support over the years, and points to her Sorcerer coach, Michelle Smith, a former Arizona State University player, who has taught her so much about what it takes to be competitive at a collegiate level in the game. Her Vintage coach, Ward Mullins, says, “Ashlee is a hard worker, and a good outfielder. She is a left-handed hitter, a ‘slapper,” who puts a lot of pressure on the other team’s defense. She is an all-around great kid.” Ashlee balances her commitment to softball with an equal commitment to academics and the classroom. She has earned a GPA of 3.85 along with the respect of her teachers for her willingness to tackle tough classes. “Softball is my get-away,” Ashlee says. “Whenever my cleats hit the dirt, my mind is clear.